25 for 25

Crack shot or pure luck. We don't care. Show us what you've got!

On the back of our hang tags and business you'll find a target worth a 25% off coupon code and, more importantly, internet laude and fame. 

25 for 25 Directions

  1. Obtain a hang tag or business card. Or download it here.
  2. Hang up the card 25 yards away at a safe shooting range with appropriate back stop.
  3. Video your best attempt(s) at hitting the card.
  4. Post your video on Instagram or Facebook with #primer25for25 and @primerandco. We'll send you a 25% off coupon code to use on primerandco.com. The post must be public so we can see it!

Special Notes

You don't have to hit the card to receive the discount. I just want to see you having fun with your attempt! Honestly, I haven't even tried it yet. So I don't know if I can hit the card. When I do try I'll post it.

I think the 25 yard business card shot is supposed to be with a pistol, but if you have something more fun feel free to use that, or both, whatever.

Just be safe and have fun!