Intro to 3 Gun

First time Shooting a 3-gun match? Read below
If it’s your first time shooting please show up early and find the match director and let them know, they can put you with someone who can guide you around and explain what will be happening. It’s also helpful to show up early to help set up. This gives you a chance to meet and talk with people as well as see some of the stages and get an idea of what the stages look like and what to expect.

What to bring:

  • Safety glasses for you and any spectators
  • Hearing protection for you and any spectators
  • Chamber flags for Rifle and Shotgun 
  • Closed toed shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather as we will be outside all day with little shade.
  • Hat (can be helpful as there isn’t much shade on the range)
  • Water, snacks, (matches usually run a good portion of the day and some light food is helpful)
  • Semi-Auto Pistol, 9mm or larger
*It will be difficult to run the stages with less than 2-3 mags. Four is better
*Good OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND holster that retains the gun without it falling out (avoid Sherpa holsters if possibly)
*Magazine pouches are very helpful but for your first time out you could load from your pockets
  • Semi Auto rifle with detachable box mag (AR-15, AK-47, FAL, ETC.) (Make sure your rifle is sighted in and you have a general idea of where you hit at 50 and 100 yards)
*Two 30 round mags should be enough
  • Shot gun Pump or Semi-Auto (you want the gun to hold at least 5 rounds but more is ideal)
****With All 3-guns you want to make sure you completely understand how they load, unload, and some basic malfunction clearance and be able to do all of that on the clock (meaning at a safe but more rapid pace)****
  • 100 rounds pistol ammo
  • 100 rounds rifle ammo (No steel core ammo as they will damage the steel targets we shoot)
  • 100 rounds bird shot #6 or smaller (typically 7.5-8 target loads )
  • 5-10 slugs (not always used but always good to have)
*****Do not spend a lot of money on gear before coming out for the first time. It’s hard to know what you will and won’t like without competing for a little while. As long as you have a rifle, pistol, shotgun close to what’s described above, you will be able to come out and get an idea of what works and what doesn’t 3-gunners are very friendly and many will offer to loan gear for a stage or 2 so people can get an idea of what works for them and what doesn’t.
Other Resources... I have some videos geared towards new shooters on a number of 3 gun topics at Youtube. You can search Primer and Co or go to