Are Your Tee Shirts True-To-Size?

women's shirt fitYES! Our women's relaxed fit (the only women's tee shirt style we carry) runs true to size. The measurements are near identical to the men's (unisex) tee shirt. The difference comes in the cut of the shirt. The women's shirt is slightly fuller at the bust and flairs at the waist. The shoulders are narrower and the sleeves are slightly shorter. This gives a feminine shape to the classic tee. For a woman, buying a tee shirt online can sometimes be a gamble. You order a super cute shirt only to find out you should have ordered a size (or two) larger. You can be confident in ordering your size!

Women's Slim Fit Hoodies

The women's slim fit hoodies are smaller than the unisex hoodie. They are about an inch wider than the women's relaxed fit tee shirts by their garment measurements. The slim fit hoodie is cut for a woman's figure (room in the bust, tapered waist). It is not designed to be tight. If you are wanting an oversized fit, or a fit more similar to a unisex hoodie, I would recommend sizing up.

Do your garments shrink?

Our tee shirts are printed on BELLA+CANVAS wholesale apparel (styles 3001CVC, 6400, 6405, 7501, 8804). We can boast a shrinkage rate of 3-5% with their premium tees. Read more about their process here.

Our hoodies are printed on Independent Trading Company wholesale apparel. These also have a shrinkage of 3-5%. The hoodies are pre-laundered so it is unlikely to notice any shrinkage issues.

Turn Around Time

Our products are produced in-house and shipped by Primer & Co. Our order to shipment time is 5 business days. We do our best to get your product to you as soon as possible.


We strive to provide you with the best quality items possible! If you should need to return or exchange your item(s) please visit our return policy page here.